All about Allegra OTC

Introduction to Allegra OTC

Allegra is the prescribed medication for the seasonal allergies, sinus problems and asthma and there are different forms of Allegra medication such as you can buy the Allegra-D 12 hour and 24 hour and Allegra for children and all of these forms of Allegra are over-the-counter (OTC) medications. The Allegra OTC is highly effective for the treatment of skin allergies and you can buy it at very affordable rates from any local pharmacy with the valid prescription of your healthcare provider because use of this medication without the prescription of your healthcare provider can be risky for your health.

If you are using Allegra-D 12 hour then you should not replace this medication with Allegra-D 24 hours because both forms of Allegra are quite different from each other and these medications are prescribed for the different medical conditions. It is strongly recommended that you should not change brand version of any medication without the advice of your healthcare provider because sudden change of dosage of medication can cause serious complexities. You can also experience severe side effects due to the change of dosage of the medication because only your physician knows that what amount of medication will be suitable or safe for your medical condition.

If you are at the prescription of Allegra-D 12 hour then you will have to take this medication twice in a day and Package of Allegra OTC will contain the tablets of Allegra 60mg and this means that if you are at the prescription of Allegra-D 12 hours then you are taking 120mg of Allegra daily. The Allegra-D 24 hour contains the tablets of Allegra 90mg and if you will replace Allegra-D 12 hour with Allegra-D 24 hour then you are replacing Allegra 120mg with Allegra 180mg and intake of high dosage of medication will be fatal for you.

The Allegra OTC is more strong medication as compared to the simple Allegra; therefore, if you are using simple versions of Allegra then you can ask your physician to change it with over-the-counter forms of Allegra. This new version of Allegra will instantly eliminate the symptoms of allergies and the use of this medication will stop the re-appearance of the symptoms of the allergies for long period of time and this medication will also decrease the intensity of the symptoms of allergies and side effects of this medication will be low as compared to the simple Allegra.

Generic Version of Over-the-Counter Allegra is not available in the Markets

The Allegra OTC does not have generic from but you can get the generic version of the simple Allegra and the generic version of the over-the-counter Allegra will be available after few months. Therefore, you should not buy available generic versions of this medication because all of these generic versions will be fake and these generic versions can be fatal for the health of patients. The price of over-the-counter Allegra is very high but you can get the coupons and saving cards of this medication from online as well as traditional pharmacies.

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