Information On FDI Pharmacy Discount Cards

What Are FDI Pharmacy Discount Cards

In the first part of 2011, FDI started the FDI Discount Pharmacy Card program. With wages staying the same while medication costs rise, this was the perfect time to introduce this program. For those who do not know who FDI is or what they do. They are an advertising company whose benefits pay you, the holder of the card.

This program was designed to help those who are low income and are struggling with high prescription costs. They can also receive income by promoting different services.

How This Savings Program Started

These FDI pharmacy discount cards are one of the benefits of being an active paying member of the program for four years or more. In 2011, this became a free program thanks to HealthTrans, to any and all members of the FDI program even if they aren’t customers who make purchases.

The organization, Health Trans represents many people and spends billions in prescribed drugs. They have saved people almost 300 thousand dollars in drugs costs. So the FDI pharmacy discount cards are proving to be a very valuable asset.

These discount cards are very simple to use. The front of the card has the personal information that they pharmacy will need to give the discount on your prescription. These savings are seen right away and are usually around 85% depending on which drug you are getting. This card is accepted at more than 60,000 locations in the U.S.

There is no activation period to wait on and there are no papers to fill out to get your savings the same day. The ID of the FDI representative will be printed on the front of the card so that he will get credited when you use the card. It gives the card the appearance of a business card.  The back of this card will have information on how other people can make an income doing the same thing. There are two numbers on the back of these cards if the person is interested in making this kind of money.

This really is a unique program and is a win win situation. More people need to know about this program though because too many people are going without medications that they need badly. Because of this association with Health Trans, FDI can pay their members for usage more money when a member gets others to sign up using their associate’s ID number.

The FDI pharmacy discount card is really unique in that it never expires. Also, once the pharmacy that you do business with enters the information on the card into their computer system, it will be there forever just like your insurance information. Check out the advantages to this program and it will save you a lot of money on your future prescriptions and you might even be able to make some money as well. With the prices of prescription medications constantly on the rise, why not at least check out the information on their site.

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