Zoloft birth defects; should the pregnant women be scared?

Zoloft birth defects; consider them before taking Zoloft during pregnancy

Depression has very severe effects on the general well being of a person and it can impact negatively on the health status of someone. Although grief is a normal condition of the mind which is triggered by an experience of any kind of trauma, prolonged grief is a sign of depression. Other signs of depression include suicidal thoughts and a feeling of worthlessness. An individual who is suffering from depression will experience high irritability as well as a huge measure of grief. Pregnant women also experience depression which is associated with hormonal changes which occur during pregnancy. An individual whose life is characterized by the symptoms indicated above including the pregnant woman may require the use of an anti-depressant before it may be too late. However, before you can consider using Zoloft for treating your depression during pregnancy; you have to take into account the Zoloft birth defects.

Zoloft is one anti-depressant drug that is associated with a lot of side effects. These side effects are experienced by the children, the men and the women; those who are pregnant and those who are not. If you are pregnant, then you should watch out for the birth defects that come with taking the drug. The most common birth defects that come with taking Zoloft are clubbed foot, recurrent hypertension of the pulmonary, a child born with organs protruding from the abdomen and defects in the state of the heart.

Zoloft and its effect on the state of the baby

There are many other Zoloft birth defects, including defective brain and spinal cord, miscarriages and premature births. In addition to all this, the children have delays in their development and the mothers who have been taking Zoloft during pregnancy have been reported to have a marked withdrawal syndrome.

Most pregnant mothers have opted to use Zoloft as opposed to the other anti-depressant drugs, particularly because the drug is associated with several coupons such as the Zoloft coupon which enables them to afford the drug even when it is highly priced. In this way they overlook the Zoloft birth defects. However, taking such a risk at the expense of the mother’s and the child’s well being would be a very huge mistake. If the parent knows that the drug triggers certain severe side effects such as those named above, they should do well to avoid taking the drug and acquire another one even though it might turn out to be too expensive.

Undoubtedly the Zoloft birth defects will have a huge bearing on the demand of the drug on the market. There are very high chances of seeing the drug’s market to dwindle in the next few years. But this should not worry any pregnant mother out there. This is because taking the drug in the right amounts and at appropriate times is likely to produce viable results without harming your child. In any case, it is advisable to consult a medical doctor before any further action can be taken.


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