Zoloft side effects in men, what about the women and children?

Zoloft side effects in men

Zoloft still remains the most widely used drug in as far as the treatment of depression is concerned. The drug has made several strides in the treatment of depression and all this is in line with the testimonies that have been given by both current and the former patients. Zoloft has been reported to cause several side effects both in men and women. In some cases the drug has been reported to cause variable side effects depending on whether the patient is male or female. For example, the pregnant women have suffered side effects of Zoloft in a way that is very different from the way the men have suffered. It has been proven that Zoloft can cause high irritability and even cause suicidal thoughts in most pregnant women. In short, the drug can worsen the depression instead of treating it. This can happen if the drug ends up being used wrongly. Zoloft side effects in men are a whole different ordeal as will be pointed out later.

Men equally suffer from many side effects when they use Zoloft. The drug is capable of producing side effects in men because of its ability to affect the male hormones. Just like in women, the side effects that Zoloft produces in men range from mild to severe. Zoloft is capable of causing decreased libido in men. As a result the men under the drug can suffer from excessive anxiety, depression as well as mood swings. The drug causes many severe side effects as well, such as malfunctioning of the sexuality in men. Some men have been reported to have lost the ability of achieving and sustaining an erection after taking the drug. Some men have also been reported to have lost the ability to ejaculate after taking the drug.

More Zoloft side effects pointed out

Are there other Zoloft side effects in men; is this all? The answer to this question will obviously be very disappointing to you if you consider the many side effects that have been alluded to already. But the simple fact is that more side effects in men are associated with the drug. There are numerous reports that have linked the drug to causing anorexia and gastrointestinal distress. Other side effects that are perpetrated by Zoloft in men include insomnia and constipation.

The only way to terminate the existence of side effects is to simply discontinue the medication. However, if the need for the drug far outweighs the side effects; one can continue using the drug. Zoloft side effects in men can jeopardize the potential of the drug to cause ripples on the drug market. In addition, the demand for the drug can even wane. However, not many side effects can be experienced by every man; only a few out of the above.

Children have also not been spared by the side effects that are associated with Zoloft. Zoloft side effects in men sometimes manifest even in children. The commonest side effects in children are fever, bleeding nose and hyperactivity. Again discontinuation of the medication is the sure way to get rid of these side effects.

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