Zoloft withdrawal; when should it be done and why?

Zoloft withdrawal; is it necessary?

An individual who has been faced with perpetual traumatizing events may be plunged into a state of depression either quickly or gradually. Depression has very severe effects on the general well being of a person and it can impact negatively on the health status of someone. An individual who is suffering from depression will experience high irritability as well as a huge measure of grief. Grief is a normal condition of the mind which is triggered by an experience of any kind of trauma. However, prolonged grief is a sign of depression. Other signs of depression include suicidal thoughts and a feeling of worthlessness. An individual whose life is characterized by the symptoms indicated above may require the use of an anti-depressant before it may be too late. Depression can also culminate into decreased immunity or the power to fight infections. After taking the anti-depressant for a certain period of time, withdrawal is advised if viable results are coming forth. Zoloft withdrawal can be done in a very special manner as will be explained below.

An individual who wishes to withdraw from Zoloft must make sure that the symptoms of depression have completely ceased or at least significantly depleted. If this is not the case, the individual may end up with a more serious state of depression. For example, when the individual senses that symptoms such as suicidal thoughts and feelings worthlessness have completely vanished; one can take time off the drug. However, it is advised to go and seek medical advice from a medical doctor before you can consider doing away with the drug for good. In that way, you can avoid the existence of further problems in future resulting from ceasing to take drug when you have not actually recovered fully.

Withdrawing from Zoloft as soon as possible

Zoloft withdrawal is very vital when you see that the symptoms of depression have completely vanished. As indicated earlier, make sure that you have really recovered by visiting a medical doctor. Over reliance on a drug for your daily activities is not advisable. This is because sometimes you may not adhere to the appropriate drug dosage and you might end up being worse than before. Hence, withdrawing from Zoloft as soon as you are found to be in good shape mentally; is very vital.

Zoloft is one drug that is associated with numerous side effects. Some of the side effects in men that are associated with the drug include failure to ejaculate as well as the failure to achieve and sustain an erection. Women also suffer from some side effects especially during pregnancy. For this reason, taking the drug for a very long period of time is unbearable. Therefore, Zoloft withdrawal should be done as soon as possible.

Since Zoloft is a very efficient anti-depressant drug, most individuals who suffer from the side effects indicated above usually opt to suffer the effects of the drug and eventually end up healed. However, if you feel that you cannot suffer the side effects; then Zoloft withdrawal is the only option for you.

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